Redefining Possible
What do you do with a little eggstra time at home?  Why, work on your hobby, of course! True, most people's hobbies don't involve balancing breakable objects in precarious places, but then again, most people's hobbies don't take them around the world, either.  Here are a few shots you might find eggstraordinary.
  1. The coin is magnetic, which helps a bit...
    Egg on a coin
  2. A raw egg balanced on the edge of a jar
    Egg on the edge of a jar
  3. Taking egg balancing to new heights
    On a hot air balloon
  4. Egg on an egg
    Egg on an egg
  5. An egg balanced over a Mile High
    Broncos, baby!
  6. This was my fastest recorded time before the actual event
    Practicing for speed