Eggs Everywhere
In February of 2011, Brian Spotts got a Facebook message from a representative of the APM Mall in Hong Kong. They wanted Brian to come perform for their Easter celebration.  "No way!" he thought.  "Hong Kong? That would be awesome!"

A year beforehand, Brian had gotten an invitation to go to Beijing. Unfortunately, it turned out that they were looking for an egg sculptor, and had contacted Brian by mistake.  It was extremely disappointing.  So when this came around, he was a little leery, but still very excited.  This time, everything panned out. Brian and Steph got to go to Hong Kong!

On March 22, 2011, Brian reclaimed two world records: Fastest Time to Balance a Dozen Eggs (1 minute 32 seconds) and Most Eggs Balanced Simultaneously by an Individual (900). It was 26 hours of work, with only a couple of short breaks, but it was done, and it looked pretty dang cool!

There were kids dressed as chickens and models wearing dresses with eggs on them. There were huge sculptures of bunnies and birds, and more cameras than you could shake an egg at.  It was awesome! Unfortunately, due to a technicality with the witness statements, the records never received official recognition as world records.

Well, what are you gonna do? You took your wife to Hong Kong and made some great memories. No regrets!
  1. A high angle picture taken from the balcony in the APM Mall
    A picture of me standing amidst all of my eggs balanced in Hong Kong
  2. Balancing an egg in the middle of a bunch of balanced eggs
    I try not to walk between the eggs during an event, but this was an "eggshibition" the next day.
  3. Nearing the 900 egg mark
    Nearing the end of my 26 hour egg-standing marathon in Hong Kong
  4. A low-angle picture of rows and rows of eggs standing on end
    Perhaps the strangest thing you ever saw?