Famous in Asia
  1. Egg on the Bund
    Balanced egg on the bund
  2. Equestrian Extravaganza
    On the stage of the CCTV Guinness set in Shanghai
  3. Preparing for the big show
    Prepping for the big event
  4. Chariots of Fire!
    Riding on the back of chariot!
Having done a couple of pretty awesome international events, Brian Spotts thought it might be worth contacting a few people about the possibility of doing more. Maybe an egg company would be interested in having him do a commercial or an event, or maybe a talk show would want Brian to come on. Nope. No interest. No luck. Oh well! Brian went about his life, occasionally bringing up his crazy hobby and raising his kids to work hard and believe in themselves.

Then, in November of 2014, Brian got another Facebook message from another girl  in Asia. This time, Brian was being invited Brian to perform on Chinese Central Television's Guinness World Record Show in Shanghai, China!  So, Steph and Brian got Chinese visas.

It was so over-the-top, being on a Chinese game show. There were Roman centurions and Mongol warriors...and horse-drawn chariots! Yeah, it was intense.

The coolest part was being introduced to the world record breaking community. This was the first time Brian had met other world record breakers. BYU, Melbourne and Hong Kong were all solo events. This was a gathering of giants! There were amazing bikers, knife-throwing legends, and people featured on Stan Lee's Superhumans.

Unfortunately, the eggs in China proved too smooth to break the speed record.  Even the Chinese competitor, a famous balancer of all sorts of objects, was unable to break the record. But it was fun, and it was an awesome experience. And Brian can honestly say, "I'm famous in Asia."